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Sales manager for vessel spare parts and automation systems
Breezemarine Group is a group with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Have representatives in Holland (Rotterdam), Cyprus (Limassol), Turkey (Mersin). For more than 10 years specialises in vessel spare part supply, have own manufacturing of vessel automation systems. More detailed on www.breezemarine.eu
We look for sales manager in our friendly team
Our candidate:
-       Have education and experience in the marine industry as a basis
-       Have knowledge of the marine market
-       Understand industry pricing
-       Understand the psychology and principles of sales
-       Understand ethics of business communication
-       Know rules for establishing business contacts
-       Know information processing methods using modern technical means of communication
-       Able to work with CRM (Basic training included)
-       Friendly and able to work in a team
-       Speaks good english and russian
We offer:
-       Legal employment
-       Mentors for the period of adaptation
-       Trial period 3 months = salary + KPI
-       Transparent motivation system (The % level depends on your knowledge, on your local responsibilities, which are also formed on the basis of your experience, abilities and desire to develop.)
-       Convenient work schedule
-       A friendly team that is always ready to help
-       Trainings and development programms for every manager to increase results in work. Our outsource partmenrs offer a good variety in this area.
-       Average salary level is 1000-3000 eur. All depend from you skills and results.
Please send your CVs to ac@breezemarine.eu. Ask your questions by phone +37258227183

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